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Jiali Carrie Zhao

MSc in Management

Marketing Trainee- Luxury Products Division, Lancôme

"ESSEC provided me the opportunity to learn abroad and gain a global perspective of management. All of my experiences at ESSEC have helped me to be a confident, open-minded person, with a distinctive position in the job market. It is a significant and long-term impact."

As a 3rd year MSc student and as a member of the 21st cycle of the ESSEC-LVMH Chair, I've been able to get a few different professional experiences in the luxury industry.

Before coming to ESSEC I studied in China, Korea and France and while in China I worked at the Louis Vuitton flagship store. I chose to do a master's – particularly at ESSEC – because I wanted to gain a solid academic background while at the same time developing my leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. However, I always knew that after finishing my master's, I wanted to continue doing retail or marketing in the luxury industry and I was able to get a lot of experience, through the Chair and my internships, which would help me to do that.

While I was at ESSEC, I benefitted tremendously from the alumni network connections through which I found my first 3-month internship at Christian Dior Couture in Paris. I also worked with Parfums Christian Dior for the LVMH Chair team field project on a fragrance franchise product innovation, branding, and strategy development.

For my most recent internship, I worked with Lancôme in New York for 5 months on initiating and developing a marketing project at skincare team in the US. I was able to get this internship through ESSEC's recruitment fair where I met corporate recruiters from the L'Oréal Group. I first got the opportunity to intern at Lancôme Paris in the marketing department for 6 months where I assisted marketing directors in coordinating projects with the development team and with countries in the APAC region. My internship in Paris led me to continue on with Lancôme in NYC.

The project in New York was mainly about developing a 360°plan to target Asian consumers in the US and to generate new business opportunities. Collaborating with cross-functional teams to impact the key business drivers: product, merchandising, communication and talent, I launched the first Asian product in the US, and worked on the related execution components. By travelling and visiting the field in different cities in the US, I learned the different perspectives of the consumer insights and explored the incremental sales opportunities. Lancôme USA gave me high responsibility and support to move forward the Asian intensification program and I was excited to see my ideas come true. Now I have a good understanding of the total company, with exposure to different divisions, functions, and geographic locations.

As a bonus, I took advantage of being in New York and I connected with the ESSEC USA Alumni group that organizes various networking events and workshops. I was a guest speaker for one of the workshops and shared about my experiences in the luxury industry.

All of these experiences have helped me to become a confident, open-minded person and I now have a distinctive profile in the job market. My internships have made a significant and long-term impact and now I'm ready for my next project. Next up, my semester exchange at Kellogg!

essec04Bo XU

MSc in Management

Consultant - Strategic branding and luxury management, Capgemini Consulting, China

"Whenever I look back onthe past 4 years at ESSEC, I always feel delighted to have gone through this wonderful journey that made many of my dreams come true.I'm very lucky to have lived my early twenties in Paris as it gave me so many precious memories to be treasured for life."

I graduated from ESSEC Business Schoolin 2012 and now work as consultant at Capgemini Consulting China in Shanghai. Whenever I look back on the past 4 yearsat ESSEC, I always feel delighted to havegone throughthis wonderful journey that made so many of my dreams come true.

I majored in French language before coming to ESSEC. After university I decided to devote myself to business and wanted to start my career in optimal conditions. A master's degree in management from a top business school became my goal and ESSEC was the best choice for its top quality education, strong alumni network, effective tutor coaching andits advantage of flexibility. Studying at ESSEC in Paris was particularly interesting for me because Paris is the capital of luxury and fashion and you cannot find a better place to study luxury than ESSEC.

In fact,throughout my intensive studies during my first year, ESSEC provided me with many opportunities across various industries. While searching for my first internship, I mainly relied on campus career fairs and ESSEC online tools such as CV online and the job-offer database.From that, I got quite a lot of interviews from different corporations for varying positions: from auditing firms to investing banks, fromtechnologygiants to small sourcing businesses in Asia.

TheCareer Services Department helped me a lot when I was looking for my first internship. They helped me orient my professional developmentand they providedmultiple workshops (CV review, interview simulation, and experience sharing) which helped me polish my interviewing skills.What I learned at that time was not only business knowledge and skills, but also how to be resilient and diligent in my efforts.

Finally, Inailed down my first internship,which was ideal for me,at the end of my first year: thepositionwas Visual Merchandising Manager Assistant of Louis Vuitton China.

My first experience in Louis Vuitton was really fantastic. I assisted the VM manager in managing and implementing in-store product displays and window presentation by travelling to Louis Vuitton stores across China. It was during this practical experience that I realized how much the ESSEC education had changed and reshaped my working capacity and how the hard-work in the library was starting topay off.

After this enriching and enjoyable one-year internship at LV, I came back to school and shortlythereafter got an unplanned internship offerfrom the global headquartersof Louis Vuitton in Paris. I tookadvantage of ESSEC's flexibility,rearranged my learning schedule and quickly leapton a new position at No.2 rue du Pont Neuf, a dream place where you can meet Bernard Arnault or Marc Jacobs in the corridor.

My tutorat ESSEC, Professor Denis Morisset, also gave me a great deal of support during my studies and internships. Every time I needed to makea decision at a tipping point orwas simply facing some difficulties, hewas alwayssupportive andprovided guidance based on his rich experiences and kindly help me overcome any obstacle.

Then after my last 6-month academic session in school, when it was time to find a job, I foundthe door to the business world widely open to me. Among offers mostly from luxury companies, I decided to pursue the one transferred to me through the ESSEC alumni network, a job as a business consultant focusing on retail, strategic branding and luxury management for Capgemini Consulting China.

Studying at ESSEC changed my path and led me to the place I neverimagined I could be. I'm very lucky to have lived my early twentiesin Paris as it gave me so many precious memories that I will treasure for life.

Tianhe Ji

MSc in Management

Financial and economic attaché, Economic Department, Embassy of France in China

ESSEC is ideal to have a unique career development and life experience, with its flexible curriculum arrangement, a wide and close network with the professional world, and an agreeable atmosphere.

My name is Tianhe JI and I am from Beijing. I was a student major in Finance at Peking University before pursuing my degree at ESSEC in 2009.

I was fascinated by France during a visit to Paris organized by high school and thus planned to go to France after graduation from Peking University. ESSEC is the school I preferred, as it offers a flexible curriculum arrangement, a wide and close network with the professional world, and an agreeable atmosphere.

French business schools typically have fixed curriculums and time arrangements, with the first year full of classes, the second a "gap" year to do internships and exchanges, and a third year of classes and an end-of-study internship. In contrast, ESSEC permits students to individually tailor their curriculum, which is important to Chinese students as opportunities (especially for internships) may not wait for a pre-fixed date. Furthermore, students may choose their own courses at their own will to have a distinctive profile. Those who know their professional goal could focus on that domain from the very beginning. For example, I knew I wanted to focus on Finance and I took many finance courses during the first year. Those who are still looking for a direction – those with a literary background or with the intention to change industries – will find it helpful to take general courses first to explore their interests.

The ESSEC MSc in Management program is especially ideal for fresh Chinese undergraduates as it offers a three year period for those who have no working experience during which time they can integrate professional experience in to the curriculum in order to gradually approach a professional goal.

During my first year, I took courses and began to contact professionals in financial institutions during job fairs on campus or during organized visits. Thanks to the introduction of my tutor at ESSEC, I found my first internship at Coface Insurance as a business analyst for six months. Then I got my second internship opportunity by applying at Societe Generale as a sales assistant of interest rate and foreign exchange derivatives for eight months. Contrary to internships in China, interns in France have lots of responsibilities and individual projects from the first day of the internship. Not only is it a good time to develop working skills, such as working in a French/English speaking environment, global coordination for projects, or using popular databases, but it is also a precious opportunity to become adapted to the professional world as you are advised and guided by the internship tutor.

The required 18-months of professional experience also provides exposure to different companies, sectors or even countries, according to the needs of the student. At Coface my job involved export insurance, credit rating, pitching and management control. At SG I dealt with financial markets (especially rate and FX), economic research, derivative products, risk management and macro development. As I plan to return to my hometown after graduation, following my two internships in Paris I did the third one in Beijing, which will enable me to be familiar with the new business environment. The diverse experiences allow me to have a portfolio of capabilities, which would be very helpful in the future.

The easy-going atmosphere is equally an asset at ESSEC. Students at ESSEC are open-minded with colorful experiences and it's a pleasure to listen to their stories and to share mine. The professors are patient and ready to help: they always listen to me politely and carefully no matter how slowly I comment or ask a question in French. The alumni are amicable and warm-hearted. It's common to make an appointment with an alumnus in order to seek his or her opinions and advice on their particular industry or your personal career development.

In conclusion, ESSEC is a very good platform for Chinese students to set off a unique adventure. It will be also a treasure of memories after graduation.

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